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Ryan Porter

Former AFL, AF2 (Arena Football League) QB of 9 years (2005-2013). Also, former University of Washington (2001 Rose Bowl Champs) and Missouri State QB

A nationally recognized QB coach and true fundamentalist, Porter also is owner and founder of QB Cavalry (started in San Bernardino, CA). Coach Porter is currently the QB coach at Santa Margarita Catholic High School and also privately trains several college and high school QBs year-round. Porter's last stop for 3 years was at Cajon HS (San Bernardino, CA) where he coached ASU Starting QB Jayden Daniels. Porter has been Daniel's private quarterback coach since Daniels was 12 years old. Currently Porter has developed and produced close to 10 Division-1 Quarterbacks and more than 15 full scholarship Quarterbacks over his coaching career. Porter is a former Division 1 QB himself (University of Washington) & (Missouri State University) who also has 9 years of professional Football under his belt with the bulk of his professional career in the AFL, AF2 (Arena Football League). Porter’s best statistical season was in year 2 of his professional career where in a 7-game span he threw for 2,063 yards 39 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions.

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