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Day 1

Regional Camp:

Teach, Correct, Drill & Perfect
  • Teach Position Specific fundamentals while providing a blueprint of a professional mindset

  • Correct technique and fundamentals

  • drill: a series of specialized drill work to create consistent correct fundamentals in order to establish muscle memory, creating unconscious confidence

  • perfect and repeat, creating consistent repetitions 

  • inspire athletes & provide a blueprint of a pro mindset

Day 2

Regional Competition:

Test & Evaluate
  • testing student athletes in position specific combine like drills on their knowledge retention based upon day one's instruction and drills

  • evaluation process consists of coach-ability, information retainment, correct technique, position specific athleticism, consistency, timing sudden decision making and pure execution.

  • elimination process, combining opinion (coaches eye_ and objective data analytics, narrowing the competition to 12 student athletes per regional camp