Scholarship Application

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Quest For Seven Football Camp and Competition is pleased to offer partial and full scholarships to emerging freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors in need. Former and current NFL players and coaches use drills and daily motivational sessions to inspire the kids on and off the field.  This camp teaches character traits kids can use and apply to their life’s journey.    


The Q7 Scholarship Essay is designed to challenge participants to share their experiences and viewpoints on key character issues. Campers who are interested in being awarded a free or partial scholarship can write an essay on one of the topics below and submit their essay 2 weeks before the first day of camp they are choosing to attend. Recipients will be notified via email or phone call no later than1 week before the start of camp they are choosing to  attend.

Partial and full scholarships (up to $325 value) to the Quest For Seven Football Camp and Competition for HS athletes awarded on an As Needed Basis.  Scholarship recipient must attend Quest For Seven Football Camp and Competition; scholarship is not transferable to anyone else. 

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·       Choose a character quality:  perseverance, integrity, or dedication.  Describe how you or someone you know has         exhibited one or more of these character qualities and share how the experience and/or story affected you.

·       Describe the toughest decision you have ever had to make and what you decided. What has that taught you?

·       If you have had an excellent coach that has changed your life, describe how the coach has helped you change             your life.



·       In one to two pages (no more than 500 words), participants can explore one of the above topics.  

·       Essays must be the original, unpublished work of one student. 

·       Only one essay per participant may be submitted.

·       Essay should be in English, typed or neatly hand-written. 

·       Submissions will be judged anonymously by Q7 staff and Q7 Board of Directors.



·       Please provide one letter of reference stating why you and your family could use the assistance of a             scholarship.  Letters of reference should be from a coach, teacher, principal, or pastor. Letter cannot be from family members.

·       The program is designed to assist kids who need financial assistance.  Therefore, we request that in addition to your application form, please attach a copy of the letter that approves you for the free and reduced school lunch program or attach a letter from your church pastor or school principal that states you are a family who could use the assistance of a scholarship.